Health Benefits of Walk-in Bathtubs for All Ages You Must Not Ignore

If you are researching which walk in tub is right for your specific needs there is much to consider. Each walk-in tub can be tailored depending on the bathing experience you require and the space allowance. Here are the Top 10 Walk In Tub Benefits you can experience with your own walk in tub:

Safe Entry
The first and most obvious of the walk in tub benefits is the walk in tub door. The tub door with lifetime leak proof door seal allows easy access in and out of your walk in tub. A simple step in to your tub a few inches from the ground provides a multitude of safety benefits over traditional bathtubs where you have to climb in and out risking slips, falls, and other injuries.

Slip and Fall Protection
An estimated 200,000 people are treated in US emergency rooms every year due to slips and falls in bathrooms as reported by US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Of those reported people aged 85 years and older were at much higher risk of serious slip and fall injuries. Addition of ADA approved walk in tub non-slip floor provides added security and protection from slip and fall accidents.

The amount of independence a walk in tub or wheelchair accessible tub provides is perhaps the primary reason for a personal walk-in tub purchase. Having limited mobility or disability would require assistance with traditional bathtubs. Having a walk in tub or wheelchair accessible tub provides you the privacy and independence of taking a bath without assistance of others.

Improved Circulation
Soothing warm water opens the skins capillaries allowing fresh oxygen to clean and renew skin surface which increases blood flow and oxygen to your body. Benefits include toxin removal, increased blood flow, improved digestion, and a host of other heart health functions.

Consistent Water Temperature
A walk in tub inline heater will keep the water temperature at a constant level throughout your entire bath session to ensure a more relaxed, soothing, and generally longer bathing experience. This prevents injuries such as scalding water burns, rapid lowered body temperature, and body shock.

Improved Sleep
Numerous studies show taking a warm bath before bed naturally puts the mind and body in a relaxed state which increases sleep readiness. Having easy, independent access to your walk in tub enables you to take a bath when it’s convenient for you- which means more full-nights sleep on your schedule.

Tranquil Spa Experienc
Hydro massage therapy jets, air massage therapy jets, and dual massage (Air and water systems) provide a tranquil spa experience where you can focus targeted massage where it is needed. Health benefits include stress relief, calmed nervous system, detoxification, lymphatic system stimulation, improved blood circulation, and overall relaxation.

Arthritis, Muscle, and Joint Pain Relief
With use of a walk in tub and natural buoyancy of water reduces weight by 90%, which releases pressure from joints, decompresses cartilage, and promotes relief to aches and pain. In addition warm water targeted therapy dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow to stressed or damaged muscle tissue providing strength and prevents further damage to sensitive joints.

Relaxation and Rejuvenation
Many walk in tub features provide a multitude of health benefits from use of water therapy jets to relax and stimulate circulation, air therapy to rejuvenate skin with light touch massage, aromatherapy to stimulate senses and provide healing, and chromatherapy which through use of light in the form of color balances energy physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.

Quick Tub Exit
If you don’t like waiting several minutes for the tub to drain or especially in the event of an emergency, it’s crucial to be able to exit your tub quickly and safely. Rapid autodrain technology allows bathers to quickly drain the walk in tub water. Unlike traditional draining systems, which usually take 4-6 minutes to dispose bath water, the enhanced drainage system permits bathers to get out of the walk in tub in less than a minute.

If you still do not have a walk in tub at home, you are missing out on a lot of wonderful health benefits. Remember that all these health benefits are not only for the elderly or the handicapped or the injured, they are also for the healthy to stay healthy. Choose a walk in bathtub today and choose health. In this era where sickness and disease seem to come from nowhere, this is probably one of the best investments you can have for better quality of life. Start your selection proces with our related searches.

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